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What is Taxigator?

Some of the key questions this project is aimed to answer are these:
What's the taxi fare from point A to point B?
What taxi services are available at any given location?
What are the taxi rates in this or another city?

Taxigator serves as taxi fare calculator, taxi services discovery tool and source for taxis related information. About this project ⟶

What taxi options are there?

Check the rates in your city: boarding fee, cost per minute and cost per km (mile); book available taxis:

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Taxi pricing formula

The most common formula for calculating taxi fare is as follows:

Your Taxi Fare
= Initial aka Boarding Fee + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile or km * ride distance)

A number of other factors affect the final fare - tolls, weather conditions, etc. To learn more about taxi fare estimation methodology, read more about this project ⟶

Taxi classification

We classified the most common taxi services into 5 classes - ECONOMY, STANDARD, COMFORT, XL and BUSINESS, though not all services listed below are available in every city. Each class has a different rider capacity, a different cost, and a different purpose:

Approx. example: UberStart.
Economy cars are typically compact sedans like the VW Polo, Daewoo Nexia and similar.
Approx. example: UberX.
Standard cars - regular sedans like the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord.
Approx. example: UberSelect.
Comfort class service usually seats up to 4 riders in cars of premium brands. Audi A6 and similar.
Approx. example: UberXL or UberVan.
Seats 6 passengers. Cars are SUVs and minivans. Usually costs like Comfort or a little more.
Approx. example: UberBlack.
Typically luxury sedan or luxury SUV. Mersedes E-class and similar.

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