How to get to Budapest Airport

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Distance from the center of Budapest to the Ferenc Liszt Airport - 22 km. Hungary's main air port is not too far from the city, so the journey from the center will take a maximum of 1 hour. In general, travel time depends on the type of transport, as well as on where the starting point of your route is.

  How to get to the airport in Budapest

There are several interchange hubs from where direct transport departs to Ferenc Liszt. There are only buses to the airport: there is no railway station, the nearest one is 10-15 minutes away. However, it is not difficult to get from it. Let's consider the possible options in more detail.

Bus Nr 100E
Bus Nr 100E
Photo: © Andreuko9

Bus number 100E

Direct express route to Franz Liszt. Departure - from the metro station "Ferenc Deak Square" (Deák Ferenc tér), which is located a couple of steps from the central square of Pest - Erzhebet (Elizabeth) Square.

Panoramic view of the stop from Google Maps:

The first bus leaves at 03:40, the last one at 00:40. Departure interval is every 20 minutes, and on Sundays every 10 minutes.

Thus, bus no. 100E is suitable for those planning an overnight trip.

Intermediate stops:

  • Astoria metro station (only between 03:40 and 04:40),
  • metro station Kálvin tér (blue, green metro lines).

Travel time is about 1 hour.

Arrival - at the bus stop near the airport (between Terminals 2A and 2B). Flights to Schengen countries are operated from 2A.

The fare is 900 HUF (2.50 euros). No types of maps apply to this route. You can buy a ticket from the machine at the bus stop - using a card or cash (forints). The vending machine menu has been translated into several languages, including Russian.

The route is operated by Budapest public transport operator BKK.

Bus number 200E

The starting point for this route is the Nagyvárad tér metro station, blue line N3. The stop is located near Hungarian Institute of Public Health. Here it is in the panorama from Google Maps:

Arrival - at the same stop at the airport near the passenger terminal.

Buses 200E run every 10 minutes from 04:00 to 23:00. Travel time is 30 minutes.

Reconstruction on the blue line M3 will continue until the end of 2022. The section Lehel tér to Nagyvárad tér is closed.
On weekdays, Metro trains run normally from Lehel tér (M3) to Nagyvárad tér.
On weekends, you can take the replacement M3 Metrópótló bus.
At night, from 23:00 to 04:00, communication is provided by buses No. 914, 914A, 950, 950A.

Intermediate stops:

  • bus station "Nepliget",
  • metro station "Határ út",
  • Kőbánya-Kispest interchange hub,
  • Ferihegy railway station.

The route is operated by BKK.

The fare is 350 HUF. You can buy at the machine at the bus stop. You can use Budapest Travel Cards. You can also buy it from the driver, but at a higher price - for 450 HUF.

Bus schedule on the BKK website

By train

There is no train station near Terminals 2A and 2B. The nearest one is 6 km away - near the old Terminal 1. Ferihegy station is connected with Nyugati train station. Trains from Budapest run around the clock. Travel time is 22-25 minutes.

From the station to the airport, the already mentioned bus No. 200E runs, and at night - No. 900. The journey takes 10-15 minutes.

The cost is 370 HUF (1.05 euros). Budapest Travel Cards are valid.

The route is operated by the state carrier MÁV. Tickets and the current schedule are available on the company's website.

  How to get to Budapest Airport at night

As mentioned above, bus number 100E runs around the clock with a slight 2-hour night break. If necessary, you can leave in advance and spend the remaining time before check-in at the airport.

Bus No. 200E runs from 04:00 to 23:00, then night routes are connected (change is required).

You can also take a train from Nyugati Station to Ferihegy Station, where you can change to night bus number 900.

Directions to the airport by public transport at different times of the day:

How to get to Budapest Airport
Photo: © BKK

  Taxi to Budapest airport

The accredited company that cooperates with airports is Főtaxi. You can call the numbers indicated on the website or book a car online there. It is not difficult to find contacts of other taxi services in Budapest - you just need to make a corresponding request in a search engine.

In Budapest, there is a mobile application similar to Uber - Bolt (formerly known as Taxify).

Regardless of the company, the tariffs are fixed: boarding fee - 700 HUF, for distance - 300 HUF / km, for waiting - 75 HUF / minute. The "standby" mode refers to the movement slower than 15 km / h.

An alternative option is a transfer. You book a car in advance in accordance with your requirements for the class of comfort, roominess, technical equipment. Payment is made online or in cash to the driver. The price is fixed and does not depend on the current traffic situation. The driver will arrive at the specified address and deliver to the airport on time.

Choose a car to your taste using the KiwiTaxi service:

Search for transfers to Budapest Airport "Ferenc Liszt"

  Rent a Car

Those who are used to driving can rent a car. Long-term rentals (from one day) are a good option if you plan to travel frequently. You can leave the rented car upon arrival at the airport. Look for suitable options through the Rentalcars service.

  Car sharing

Travelers who prefer not to depend on public transport should pay attention to car sharing - this is a short-term car rental in Budapest.

At the airport "Liszt Ferenc" in the Holiday Lite parking lot, there are allocated spaces for MOL Limo cars. Its fleet includes 500 cars, including 100 of them electric.

To use the services of the company and get behind the wheel of a car-sharing car, you must first register in the system. At the same time, the driver must meet a number of requirements (by age, experience, etc.).

To read about the conditions, tariff zones, and also see the available cars on the map - on the MOL Limo website.

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