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Distance from the center of Prague to the airport - 16 km. The capital of the Czech Republic is connected with the Vaclav Havel air hub by several direct and passing routes, in which buses are involved. During the day usually metro + bus, at night tram + bus.

Travel time depends on the point of departure. The fastest option takes 15 minutes - a bus from the Nádraží Veleslavín station. A direct bus from the Main Railway Station takes 25 minutes, from the Florence Bus Station - 30 minutes. By car from the center to go 25-30 minutes. On average, the journey from Prague to Ruzyne airport will take about 1 hour.

Further in the material, we will consider in detail what kind of buses you can get to the place from where they start and on what schedule they run. With a few helpful links, you can plan your route yourself.

  Buses to Prague Airport

There is no railway or metro station in the Prague air harbor. Of the available modes of public transport, only buses remain. At the same time, there are no direct routes from the center - you can only get there with a transfer. If you cooperate with metro or trams with buses, then the way to the airport will require one, maximum two transfers (changing the mode of transport).

Let's take a closer look at metro stations and buses that travel from them to the airport.

Bus Nr 119

Bus number 119 (Nádraží Veleslavín - Letiště). Departures from Nadrazi Veleslavin station, where the metro station of the same name is also located (green Line A). The first flight is at 05:13, the last one at 00:32. The interval is from 10 to 20 minutes. Stops on the territory of the airport - Terminál 1, Terminál 2, Letiště. Travel time is 15 minutes.

Prague airport bus schedule

Bus number 100 (Zličín - Letiště). Departures from the area of Prague 5 in the west of the city. Boarding - at the stop at the Zličín metro station (the end of the yellow Line B). It runs from 05:20 to 20:40 with an interval of 20-30 minutes.

Travel time is 18 minutes.

Bus number 191 (Na Knížecí - Letiště). It departs from the Na Knížecí Bus Station in Prague 5. Along the way, it makes five dozen stops, including near the Anděl (yellow Line B) and Petřiny (green Line A) metro stations. The first flight is at 04:54, the last one is at 23:05. The interval is from 20 minutes.

Travel time from Petřiny station to the airport is 25 minutes, from Anděl - 40 minutes.

Bus Nr 910
Bus Nr 910
Photo: © Kewin

Night bus No. 910 (Na Beránku - Letiště). Travels from Prague 12 (Na Beránku stop) along the southwestern districts of the city. From the start to the end there are 80 intermediate stops, including at the metro stations Kačerov, Budějovická, Pankrác, Pražského povstání, I. P. Pavlova, Karlovo náměstí, Palackého náměst, Petřiny.

Schedule from Na Beránku: at 00:00, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30, 02:00, 02:30, 03:00, 03:30, 04:00.

The metro is closed at night, but there are night trams (there are nine lines in total - No. 91–99). Depending on the line, they start walking from 20: 00-22: 30 and finish by 05: 00-06: 00.

You can create your own route, taking into account the time of poisoning and the starting point (your hotel or hostel, shopping center, etc.) using the DPP planner. It is a company that operates city buses, trams, metro and funiculars.

A 30-minute ticket for all types of transport for an adult (15-60 years old) - 24 CZK, for a child - 12 CZK. 90 minute ticket - 32 CZK and 16 CZK respectively. The ticket is valid from the moment of activation. One and a half hours should definitely be enough.

The sale is carried out at stopping points in vending machines that accept both Czech change and bank cards. It is also possible to purchase from the driver (coins and bills).

  How to get to Prague Airport from the train station

The Airport Express bus will take you to the airport without changes with minimal time losses. It departs from the Prague Central Railway Station. The station is integrated with the Hlavní nádraží metro station (red Line C). The journey from Old Town Square by metro takes about 10 minutes with one change (change from green Line A to red Line C).

The stop is located on Wilsonova Street right in front of the station building. Panorama from Google Maps:

In the direction of the airport, buses run from 06:30 to 22:00 every 30 minutes. In the summer, the interval between departures is reduced.

The bus first stops at Terminal 1, then at Terminal 2.

The journey will take about 25 minutes.

On the line there is a comfortable low-floor transport with a spacious luggage compartment, where you can transport not only bulky suitcases and bags, but also a bicycle, properly packed for sending by plane. The cost of baggage is already included in the fare.

Adult ticket - 60 CZK, children (6-14 years old) - 30 CZK, children under 6 years old travel free. The purchase is carried out before boarding the driver's cabin. Integrated individual tickets and travel cards are not valid on the AE bus line.

You can create your own route, taking into account the time of poisoning and the starting point (your hotel or hostel, shopping center, etc.) using the DPP planner. It is a company that operates city buses, trams, metro and funiculars.

Learn more about Airport Express

  How to get to Prague Airport from the bus station

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Photo: © Smeshnoi

RegioJet operates direct flights to the airport from Florence Bus Station. Departures every hour from 07:30 to 20:30. Additional flights on weekdays are at 10:00 and 17:00.

Travel time is 30 minutes.

The ticket price is 2.5 euros.

RegioJet buses also take you to the airport from Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, Cech, and also from some other cities.

Thus, flights from Karlovy Vary are carried out daily from 5 am to 7–9 pm with an interval of 30–60 minutes. Travel time to Ruzyne airport is 1 hour 35 minutes.

The ticket price is 6.60 euros.

Schedule and tickets on the RegioJet website

  Taxi to Prague Airport

You can call the car just before the trip or in advance. On the Internet, it is not difficult to find the phones of operating taxi services. It should be borne in mind, however, that the wait can be extended. Uber operates in Prague. Using the mobile application, you can also call the car. At times of peak demand, the tariff grows dynamically. The usual cost of a taxi ride from the center to Prague airport is about 370 CZK. By ordering a transfer in advance, you will be sure that you will definitely not be late for registration. Transfer can be booked several days before departure. Use the KiwiTaxi form:

Search for transfers to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague / Ruzyne

  Rent a Car

You can drive around Prague and neighboring cities by driving a rented car. The Rentalcars website has a large selection of offers from international and local rental companies.

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