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Taxi from Amsterdam to Eindhoven

Available taxi services, to get from Amsterdam to Eindhoven


Real-time Uber fares below can be higher than estimated average fares as they factor in rush-hour surcharge indicated in %.

197-263 EUR (Up 30%)
~4 min waiting  

277-369 EUR
~6 min waiting  

325-432 EUR (Up 30%)
~3 min waiting  

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Taxi fare from Amsterdam to Eindhoven

Below taxi fares are estimates and calculated using Taxi Rates in Amsterdam. The actual number for your taxi fare between Amsterdam and Eindhoven may fluctuate due to time of the day or night, weather and traffic conditions.


Approx. examples
Uber X,
Yandex Comfort,
Gett Economy

Price category
Fairly Cheap

▽ Fare breakdown

Initial fee: 1.80 EUR
Cost of travel time: 24.00 EUR
Cost of distance : 186.72 EUR

Total fare:
~ 212.52 EUR


Approx. examples
Uber Black,
Lyft Lux Black,
Yandex Business,
Gett Business

Price category
Very Expensive

▽ Fare breakdown

Initial fee: 6.30 EUR
Cost of travel time: 40.00 EUR
Cost of distance : 311.20 EUR

Total fare:
~ 357.50 EUR

The cheapest taxi for this route will cost as low as ~ 213 EUR for STANDARD class, with taxi fare going up to ~ 358 EUR if you prefer to ride by very expensive BUSINESS class.

Taxi price does not include any discounts or promotions that some taxi services in Amsterdam might have. The calculated fare is subject to fluctuation due to various conditions, so be sure to have this estimate updated when using it as a price reference.

How far is it from Amsterdam to Eindhoven?

Distance by car between Amsterdam and Eindhoven is 124.48 km (77.35 miles).

How long does it take to get from Amsterdam to Eindhoven?

Travel time by car is approximately 80 min.

How do I get from Amsterdam to Eindhoven if there is no taxi?

Taxi not available? To get from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, you can consider taking a bus, car rental, blablacar and other alternative transportation options →